Flyer 1 (F1) is a drone for basic mapping operations in India's "green zones", you can build your own or buy a pre-built one.

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A drone for mapping India's areas classified as Green Zones by the DGCA

You can buy pre-assembled from us or you can build your own using the parts below. The parts will cost you an estimated price of around ₹ 35,000

Build your own with the following Bill of Materials

We recommend the following parts for the drone and you can buy from various leading retailers, the price per unit is a estimate and can change on depending on availability and many other things.

Component Approx. price per unit Quantity Total
1 BLDC Motor Ready to Sky 2212 920KV ₹ 630 4 ₹ 2520
2 Frame F450 Quad, Integrated Power Distribution Board (PDB) ₹ 800 1 ₹ 800
3 Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) 4-in-one ₹ 550 4 ₹ 2200
4 Propellers Orange 1045 ₹ 120 2 ₹ 240
5 Battery Lithium Polymer (LiPo) ₹ 3499 1 ₹ 3499
6 Flight Controller Pixhawk ₹ 9000 1 ₹ 9000
7 Companion Computer Pi Zero 2 ₹ 1600 1 ₹ 1600
8 Camera Arducam 2.1 ₹ 1999 1 ₹ 1999
9 GPS Ublox M8N ₹ 1999 1 ₹ 1999
10 Lithium Polymer Battery Charger ₹ 980 1 ₹ 980
11 Telemetry Link ₹ 2700 1 ₹ 2700
12 Remote Controller ₹ 5000 1 ₹ 5000
13 Landing Gear ₹ 230 1 ₹ 230
Total ₹ 32,767

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Legal Notices

If you are self-assembling the drone, please read and understand before you progress:

Assemble yourself

You can order the the parts above and once you have them, you can follow the video below to assemble your own hardware by following the video below. You will have to identify yourself by filling out the form below:

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Data processing

Once the mission is complete we recommend using the Opendronemap toolset to process and share your data. You can follow the tutorial below showing you can post-process your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use this?

If you are a mapping and drone enthusiast and want to fly a drone in the green zones, the F1 is a great place to start. The drone build is recommend by experts the community and focuses on basic mapping operations.

Will I need training to fly this?

We recommend proper training and understanding of drones before you fly. Please refer to the DGCA's website for instructions on regulations regarding training and we recommend that you get trained by a authorised institute before you fly.

Where should I fly this in India?

The policy on drones is dynamic and for hobby flights, you can fly this drone in the green zones in India. It is important that you follow the local regulations before flight and familiarise your self with latest updates.

What about integration with NPNT / Digital Sky?

The policy for drones in India is dynamic and at the moment there is no permission is required for flying hobby drones in the green zones.